The Just One Dollar Campaign

How it started...........

        In short,  our founder, Pastor Steve at the time was hosting an open air meeting in Hemming Park in 2013 twice weekly.  The Lord dealt with Him to take up a offering to Him.  He was nervous to do it but did.  

After he mentioned an offering a homeless lady got up and left. Pastor Steve thought he offended her, but kept on teaching. Then when the meeting was over this poorly dressed, ripped up clothes, living outside homeless lady came up and put $1 dollar in the offering to the Lord. She had just returned from going around and asking for a dollar from people to give to the Lord.  

This was like the lady with just two mites that the Lord watched, who we honor when we read scripture today. Well in this ladies honor, we challenge the Body of Christ to donate, like this lady did, just one dollar a month to run with the vision of this ministry to reach the hurting in out city. Now is the time to make Impact.  

What your Support Goes Towards


Everyone born has a purpose. We have a mission and a commission to share the Word of God without  respect of person ,regardless of where they come from, or their present condition.  


Every person has  a Jeremiah 29:11 promise of God. We help people find out that purpose and put a mission statement together, and a plan of action to go after it. 


God has a way of taking a broken life and plugging them into the life they were born for. We help empower people, even with little steps to make a difference in the lives of others and community. 


One necessity of life is the need for food. Our main event is the Rally at the Cafe. Here we open up the doors and share hot meal, share the importance of their life, and that their is people care. That their situation could be the beginning of the best days of theire lives. 


One necessity that people have is shoes. We partner up and collect on our on clothes donations to utilize at our variety and on demand clothes needs people may have. 


The Future: We are always praying, interceding for this part of the vision we are running hard towards. A place, campus where we can further meet the needs of people and be a greater launching pad to serve community and meet the needs of those in need in transition.